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History-Our Building


    The predecessor of this office is originally a Taoyuan branch of Taiwan Hsinchu district prosecutors office.As economy is developed fast and population increases day by day, the lawsuit case ,growing up year by year, is too heavy to the office.On June 16, the 62nd year of the Republic of China, according to the administration order of the pre-ministry of justice, Taiwan Taoyuan district prosecutors office,seperated from Taiwan Hsinchu district prosecutors office ,was established.

    Taoyuan is a large county of industry and commerce.The province line, Zhongshan expressway and the Formorsa expressway run through north and south. The traffic is convenient.In the jurisdiction, factory stands in great numbers. There are many industrial areas as Guishan, Neili, Dayuan, Guanyin, Yangmei,etc.Labourers, floating population grow and grow. Therefore there is a large increase in the crime case every year.Especially, the Taiwan Taoyuan International airport lies in this jurisdiction. Smuggle, the hijacking in aviation, change and happen. It is strenuous day by day to make this administration shoulder and prosecute the crime, safeguard society's peaceful responsibility.

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