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White Paper on Serving the People

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White Paper on Serving the People

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This "White Paper on Serving the People" is our agency's gift to the public. We firmly believe that only by providing services that meet the needs of the people can we truly achieve the goal of serving the people. We are confident in further enhancing service quality and adhering to the principles of "people-oriented" and "service first." We always prioritize the interests of the public, strive for excellence, and make efforts to benefit and serve the people. Improving service quality and safeguarding the rights of the public are our responsibilities.

◎ What We Do for You

The responsibilities managed by our agency include criminal investigation, the execution of punishments, and guardianship, all of which are closely tied to the rights of the people. Our main tasks are as follows:

1.Criminal Investigation: We represent the state in exercising the power to prosecute crimes. This involves conducting investigations, initiating public prosecutions, carrying out public prosecutions, assisting private prosecutions, and serving as plaintiffs, all aimed at safeguarding the rights of the people and maintaining social harmony.

2.Execution of Punishments: Once a criminal verdict is established, we promptly and lawfully oversee its execution, ensuring the implementation of the state's power of punishment.

3.Guardianship Services: We provide appropriate counseling and supervision to individuals under protective custody, assisting them in their rehabilitation and eliminating negative social behaviors.

◎ We Wholeheartedly Serve the People

Our agency's scope of work includes criminal investigation, execution of punishments, and protective custody services. Due to the unique nature of our work, various initiatives such as promoting judicial reform, comprehensive crackdown on organized crime and drug trafficking, maintaining social order, implementing anti-corruption measures, establishing a clean and efficient government, maximizing the effectiveness of correctional measures, and preventing crime are all closely related to the general public. We would like to provide a brief overview of the measures implemented by our agency for serving the people:

1. Our Commitment

We pledge to uphold the following service principles in providing assistance to you:

(I)Principle of Prudent Handling:

We treat every case, regardless of its magnitude, with equal importance. With a spirit of prudence and proactive engagement, we strive to consider the interests of the parties involved and aim to achieve satisfactory resolutions to their difficulties.

(II) Project Handling Principles

 Strictly require the staff to be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, ensuring their proficient application. By doing so, they can promptly respond to queries from the parties involved and provide quick and satisfactory service, enabling the parties to obtain accurate and satisfactory answers in the shortest possible time.

(III) Two-way Communication Principle:

Handle public service work with a sincere and friendly attitude, strictly abide by legal regulations, and assist in resolving legitimate requests from the parties involved to the best of their ability. For illegitimate requests from the parties involved, provide polite explanations.

(IV) Principle of Understanding:

Recognize the emotions of the parties involved, patiently explain their inquiries and statements, and actively listen to their grievances. In the case of parties who misunderstand the laws and regulations, it is necessary to patiently and tactfully clarify them.

2.Our Service Direction

 (I) Actively promote automation of public service and implement computer information linkage to provide integrated services.

 (II) Streamline the process of handling citizens' application cases. Actively grasp public opinion, set up a suggestion box for public service, innovate service measures, and combine social resources to provide public services.

 (III) Set up an administrative reform mailbox to gather suggestions from all sectors, prioritize innovative proposals and petition cases from the public.

 (IV) Comprehensively improve service attitude, strengthen staff's professional knowledge and service attitude through training.

3 We Value Service Quality and Strictly Evaluate Service Results

 (I) Prepare "Regular Performance Records" based on the provisions of Article 5, Article 13, and the implementing regulations of the Civil Service Performance Evaluation Act, and conduct strict assessments.

 (II) Use the "Work Norms and Assessment Criteria for Public Service in Various Levels of Institutions under the Ministry of Justice" as the standard for regular assessments.

 (III) Implement regular assessments in an irregular manner based on the "Implementation Plan for Regular Assessment of Public Service in Various Levels of Institutions under the Ministry of Justice."

 (IV) Conduct annual performance assessments and reporting based on the "Points for Evaluation and Rewards/Punishments for Public Service in Various Levels of Institutions under the Ministry of Justice."

◎ We provide direct services to the public

1.Prompt handling of public petitions and applications

(I) Petition Cases

 a.On-the-spot service

We have established a Citizen Service Center,  when you come to our office during working hours to file a petition, the staff at the Citizen Service Center will warmly assist you, attentively listen to your petition, and promptly handle cases that can be processed on the spot.

b.Consultation services

For cases that cannot be handled immediately, we will sincerely inform the parties involved and ensure that they are promptly transferred to other relevant units for processing or referred to other legal service organizations for assistance.

c.Telephone petition service

For telephone petitions, if the case is straightforward and can be answered immediately, the staff handling the case will provide a courteous and prompt response. If the case is complex and cannot be answered immediately, we recommend submitting a written petition with a specified processing deadline.

d.Written replies

We will diligently follow the provisions of the "Guidelines for Administrative Agencies Handling People's Petition Cases" and the "Deadline Table for Processing Investigation, Petition, and Other Cases" established by the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office to promptly handle written responses.

(II) Application Cases

a.Time-limited responses

We will provide a written response to the applicant within five days from the day following the receipt of the application. If we are unable to meet the deadline due to unforeseen circumstances, we will inform the applicant in advance. 

b.Preparation of informative handbook

We will compile and publish a handbook that outlines the procedures and matters related to public applications. This handbook will be available free of charge at the Citizen Service Center for reference and consultation.

2.Strengthening Convenience Measures at the Service Counter

(I) Appointing Qualified Personnel

Appointing experienced and outstanding individuals with a strong knowledge of law and a passion for service to answer inquiries and assist with application matters.

(II) Providing Convenience Measures

a.Establishing workflow diagrams for various application procedures.

b.Displaying sample application forms and providing application forms free of charge.

c.Providing tables, chairs, and stationery for form filling.

d.Setting up public telephones and displaying newspapers and magazines.

e.Establishing a waiting area for applicants with daily video playback and water dispensers for drinking water.

(III) Promoting Legal Knowledge Education

a.Displaying pamphlets and books on legal common knowledge at the service counter for the reference of the parties involved.

b.Playing videos on legal common knowledge in the service counter and the waiting area for the parties involved, combining education with entertainment.

c.Assigning prosecutors to visit various institutions and schools within the jurisdiction to provide lectures on legal common knowledge.

(IV) Encouraging Feedback

a.Setting up a "Public Opinion Box" and conducting opinion surveys as references for reforms.

b.Establishing an "Administrative Innovation" mailbox to solicit innovative suggestions.

c.Creating a "Report Corruption" mailbox to promote a clean and efficient government.

3.Prudent Handling of Cases

(I) Careful Detention and Protection of Human Rights

To exercise caution in detention and protect human rights, unless the circumstances specified in the various clauses of Article 76 of the Code of Criminal Procedure are met and detention is necessary, detention should not be imposed. Once the grounds for detention cease to exist, the person should be promptly informed of release on bail, placed under obligations, or subjected to residential restrictions.

(II) Thorough and Expedited Investigation of Major Criminal Cases 

For major criminal cases that pose a threat to public security, special task forces are established to adhere to the principle of thorough and expedited investigation. Following the guidelines outlined in the "Points to Note for Prosecution Agencies Handling Major Criminal Cases," strict prosecution and expeditious investigation are carried out to ensure justice and maintain social order.

(III) Strengthening the Investigation of Drug, Methamphetamine, and Smuggling Cases

In accordance with the "Key Points for Prosecution Agencies to Strengthen Drug Enforcement," a "Drug Enforcement Task Force" is established, and a "Drug Enforcement Database" is set up to facilitate investigation work.

(IV) Improving Attitude in Handling Cases and Ensuring Punctual Court Hearings

Maintaining a calm and respectful attitude in handling cases allows the parties involved to fully express themselves, and efforts are made to ensure punctual court hearings to avoid prolonged waiting for the parties involved.

(V) Implementing Audio and Video Recording of Investigations

To ensure the integrity and authenticity of the statements made by the parties involved and prevent disputes over interrogation records, in addition to comprehensive recordkeeping by court clerks, simultaneous audio recording is implemented. In cases of significant harm to society, video recording may be used as necessary for evidential purposes to ensure public confidence.

(VI) Prompt Forensic Examination, Completed on the Same Day

All forensic examinations are conducted through telephone or fax reporting. Upon receiving the telephone or fax report, the forensic unit will promptly dispatch a prosecutor, a forensic doctor, and a court clerk to conduct the examination. Once the examination is completed, the death certificate is issued on the spot. In cases with suspected homicide, proactive investigation is initiated, and for cases with an unclear cause of death, autopsies are scheduled to determine the cause. The forensic examination team is equipped with pagers and mobile phones to ensure immediate contact for any reported examinations, striving for prompt response and examination.

4.Actively promote observation, care, and guidance work. 

For individuals under protective supervision, we will collaborate with social resources to implement individualized measures such as protection, guidance, supervision, and correction. Our goal is to help them maintain good conduct, adapt to social life, and ultimately achieve the objectives of safeguarding societal security and preventing recidivism.

◎ We welcome your feedback.

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our services, please feel free to let us know. We will promptly address your concerns. If you have any ideas or innovative suggestions, we encourage you to provide them for our reference and improvement. Your input is valuable to us, and we appreciate your willingness to share with us. Thank you!

Our address: No. 898, Zhengguang Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City.

People's Petition hotline: (03) 2160123 ext. 1057.

◎ the process for the public service of Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan:

1.Facilitating citizens' verbal complaints (pressing the bell for complaints -> providing complaint form -> guiding to the courtroom -> requesting attendance for hearing)

2.Handling cases with bail or guarantor (contacting the guarantor -> providing guidance for bail -> submitting for prosecutor's approval -> completing the release process)

3.Processing cases for forensic examination (receiving fax for examination reports at the police office -> filling out and submitting the examination report form -> prosecutor or clerk contacts relevant parties for examination)

4.Providing free meals for defendants in custody (counting the number of people -> ordering meals -> distributing meals -> submitting receipts for reimbursement)

5.Receiving daily travel expenses for witnesses and expert witnesses (reporting to the police office -> testifying as a witness -> prosecutor or clerk issuing a court attendance certificate -> presenting the certificate to the general affairs department to receive travel expenses)

6.Applying for simplified fines (oral or written application at the office -> reporting to the responsible section with supporting documents -> reviewing and recording -> issuing a fine payment notice -> making payment and receiving a receipt -> returning to the responsible section with the payment receipt -> closing the case)

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