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Introduction to Community Service System

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  • Last updated:2023-05-17
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Are you in need of manpower in government agencies, administrative legal persons, non-profit organizations, or communities?

In December 2008, the Legislative Yuan passed an amendment to Article 41 of the Criminal Code, which introduced the "Community Service System." Starting from September 1, 2009, individuals who commit minor offenses and receive a sentence of less than 6 months of imprisonment, detention, or a fine can choose to perform unpaid community service instead of being incarcerated. This allows them to maintain their existing lifestyle and family functions.

What can they do?

The service projects they can engage in include environmental cleaning, ecological patrols, social services, clerical work, assistance for vulnerable groups, and traffic safety, among others. Community service provides a larger workforce, has a longer duration, and a broader range of applications. After assessing your needs, a more diverse range of service content can be developed.

What happens if they don't fulfill their obligations?

Individuals who apply for community service and are approved by prosecutors must fulfill their obligations; otherwise, they will have to serve the original sentence as pronounced.

How can institutions apply for community service workers? What should be taken into consideration?

Government agencies, administrative legal persons, non-profit organizations, and foundations can submit the required documents to the Prosecutor's Office (Guardianship Division) for application. The application will undergo a review process, and only after passing the review, the institution will be officially appointed. The Prosecutor's Office will then dispatch the community service workers to serve in the institution.

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