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Impartiality , Objectivity and

Pursuit of truth and social justice

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Primary Goals

  • Primary Goals

    The first important job of the prosecutors office is to prosecute crimes and to conduct the execution of criminal judgement, so as to enhance investigation and attack on corruption, to eliminate organized crimes, to conduct investigation on drugs strictly, to prevent against smuggling, to inspect and eliminate burglary, to investigate crimes on damage to ecology of the national land, to investigate election bribery thoroughly, to investigate felony rapidly, to prevent children and juveniles from sexual transaction, to investigate crimes related to intelligent property rights, to crack cases on economic and computer crimes etc. The purpose is to clarify government administrations, to purify election style, to solidify democracy political foundation. Thus, our citizens will be free from the harm by drugs and crimes, and will enjoy the safety of life, freedom and properties. Furthermore, we also focus on the enforcement of parole and probation and regeneration of adult criminals on the one hand so that the criminals who committed crimes unintentionally could be relocated. Moreover, we value the protection of victims on the other hand so that the victims and/or their family could obtain compensation from the government.


  • Transpotations Informations

    TEL:886-3-2160123Address:No.898, Zhengguang Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330060, Taiwan (R.O.C.) google coordinate(wgs84:25.00544,121.2912)【BY Car】 ★Through Freeway: Take National Freeway No.1 and change to Airport SIC (National Freeway No.2) in Taoyuan direction. Get off the freeway at Nan Taoyuan IC and take the Taoyuan exit. Follow the direction sign and go straight along Daxing West Rd. Make a left turn to Zhengguang Rd. You can find the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office on your right hand side.【BY Bus】(1)★Free Bus:Take Red line Free Bus from the Taoyuan city hall.Get off the bus at "Asian golf course" stop.Head north and walk about 3 minutes you will arrive; You can also take Blue Line, Get off the bus at "Jhong Pu elementary school" stop, Head south and walk for about 8 minutes. (2)★UBus:You can take UBus 168 at Taoyuan Train Station (Rear Station) or at Nei Li Fuxing Temple.Get off the bus at "New District Court" stop (will be renamed as Taoyuan District Prosecutors Station in the near future).

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