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Notice on the Use of the Prosecution Agency's Complaint Bell

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  • Last updated:2023-05-17
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Notice on the Use of the Prosecution Agency's Complaint Bell

According t0 法務部69125日法(69)檢字第7141號函、法務部85年7月29日法85檢決字第19082號函

  1. In order to facilitate the people's reporting, complaints, or voluntary surrender, all levels of courts and prosecutor's offices shall install an electric bell named "Complaint Bell" to allow people to report at any time.
  2. The Complaint Bell shall be installed near the entrance of each level of court and prosecutor's office. Duty police officers shall take turns to manage and oversee its use, without any obstruction.
  3. The location where the Complaint Bell is installed should be clearly marked with a sign indicating "Complaint Bell of [Name of Court or Prosecutor's Office]" and a notice of its usage should be posted.
  4. Anyone who wishes to report, complain, or voluntarily surrender shall ring the bell, and they shall be guided by the duty police officer to wait quietly in the courtroom for questioning.
  5. Once the duty prosecutor is informed of the bell being rung for a complaint, they shall immediately conduct a hearing with the assistance of a clerk and make a record according to the law.
  6. For individuals who do not wish to disclose their identity or request confidentiality during their complaint, their request for confidentiality shall be respected if deemed necessary.
  7. If there is evidence of false accusation or false reporting, the matter shall be investigated and handled according to the law.
  8. The complaint hours are generally during office hours, but there is no limitation in urgent circumstances.
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