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The Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office uncoverd the bank teller colluded with a scam syndicate and rescued six imprisoned victims . Requested the court to detain seven frauds.

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  • Last updated:2023-05-17
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   On January 5th,2023, the prosecutor of Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office , Pei-Hsuan Li, commanded the judicial police officers investigated the scam syndicate. They searched 20 locations ,including Chenggong Branch and Jianzicui Branch of CTBC Bank , and arrested 10 defendants. Meanwhile ,six victims were rescued and more than 22 million dollars of fraudulent funds from the victims were frozen.

   After investigation by the prosecutor, it was confirmed that the bank teller of CTBC Bank was involved in the fraudulent activities .The defendants were charged with the crime of joint fraud and obtaining money with more than three people, participating in a criminal organization, and violating the Money Laundering Control Act. The court detained seven frauds including the bank teller, and one person was released on bail.

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