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Interrogation Instructions

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  • Last updated:2023-05-16
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1.When you receive a criminal summons from our office, please first check if it bears the official stamps of the prosecutor and court clerk. If you have any doubts, please call the contact number of the handling clerk or our office's public service center (03-2160123, extension 1058 or 1059) for verification to prevent falling victim to fraudulent activities carried out by scam groups.

2.As the summoned person, you are required to appear on the date and at the designated location stated in the summons. Please also review the summons for any additional instructions (e.g., bringing along witnesses or evidence) to facilitate the proceedings.

3.On the specified date, bring your identification and the summons, and report to the designated investigation court following the instructions of the bailiffs. You will be called into the court in order for questioning.

4.During the court proceedings, please turn off your mobile phone and avoid causing any disruptions.

5.After the court proceedings, please carefully read the transcript before signing it.

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